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Paris Bercy

17th November 2011

Great memories from a show I've attended over 7 years ago

Very surprising, Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan on the same tour, but for two separated shows.

That’s the reason why I attended only that gig this year... I knew that Knopfler shows would be shorter than what we’re used to have. And I’m not a Bob Dylan fan, even if I totally respect the artist he used to be in his early years.

So I arrived at Paris Gare De Lyon early afternoon, went straight to my hotel and had a quick snack. I was tired because of the trip so I had a short nap before meeting Isaac around the venue.

While waiting for Isaac I walked a litte around big Bercy and found out few «Rudïger» waiting for Mark. I prefered leaving... To many people were here already and I think Mark doesn’t really like that. Finally I met up with Isaac it was great to see him again.

I was really desapointed with my seat assignment... Even if it was a front row it was on the very left of the stage. I think I would have prefered a third row in the middle!!

Before the show I teased Isaac for stealing his seat (which was row#1 in front of Mark). He almost wanted to swich (what I didn’t accept because it was HIS assignment) and then he proposed me to sit on his laps. I first though it was a joke but Isaac promised to behave himself so I accepted and finally sat on the chair between his legs ! It was pretty funny when the band saw us sharing the seat.

About the show now: **WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

So I can tell you that I of course loved  Mark's concert. 

The atmospher for MK wasn't that warm in Big Bercy (It usually is for MK gigs), I could feel that most of the people were here for Bob Dylan's show.

My feelings with the songs:

01. What It Is

  I thought I was spoiled with Why Aye Man as opener... So I wasn't

02. Cleaning My Gun 

  I didn't expect this one at all ! A pretty good surprise and a very very good and powerful version

03. Sailing To Philaldelphia

  Just lovely as Always

04. Hill Farmer Blues

  POWERFUL INCREDIBLE it will always give me SHIVERS

05.P rivateering

  Big Surprise again, I heard there were  new songs played on the this tour. I liked it very much !

06. Song For Sonny Liston

  Blue Les Paul? Oh Well why not...... OF course it was nice but I think I prefer it from the older tours

07. Done With Bonaparte

  Not a surprise, Many people think it should be dropped...This is a song I used not to like before 2010... Now, i love it( better later than never).

08. A night in summer long ago

  For those who know my feeling for this song.... No! I didn't cry, I was surprised but it wasn't the same "shock" as last year Maybe I was prepared..( He payed it also in Paris in 2010).

09. Marbletown & Speedway At Nazareth

  Again  great  performances !

10. So Far Away

  The good bye song... I may dare to say... i'm a  little tired of this one.. Would have prefered another.

I'm very positive on this concert, yes it was short but I knew it i didn't expect much! I had great time with MK and his Band...

About Bob Dylan...Well  Several people warned me about the loud sound and Bob's "bad" voice... I recall bad memories of my first Bob concert's in 2003... But i felt like staying to "give him another chance".

When the concert started everybody rush to the stage gates it was a complet mess... As I was seated on the very left of Big Bercy (my official seat). I couldn't see anything...

I left after 4 songs... I don't wanna tell bad things about Bob, I respect the artist... but i'm sorry i really didn't like.

No picture this time, it wasn't allowed :(

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