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Lyon, Hall Tony Garnier

27th June 2001

Great memories from a show I've attended almost 18 years ago

I've turned 20 last month, life is beautiful and I love Mark Knopfler more and more. Mark has released his 2nd solo album, Sailing to Philadelphia, a wonderful one indeed Mark! This time I didn't need to whim, my mother likes Mark and wanted to come with me. Great! Isn?t it?

D day arrived; my mother had really bad back pains and was unable to come... I had to sell the ticket or found someone to come with me. Finally A friend of mine came and we really had a wonderful evening ! Mark was awesome as always! Thank you Mark.

The most surprising thing was the intro of Money for nothing with the Dobro ! It was Sooooo unexpected ! I wasn't yet an " expert" in MK song but I didn't reconised until Mark started singing... Unfortunaltey I didn't have any camera in 2001, so I'm sorry I can't share any shot...

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