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Antwerp Sportpaleis

5th June 2015

Great memories from a show I've attended about 4 years ago

After a long long ride with Laurent, we finally arrived at the meeting point, it took us four hours to reach Antwerp, and almost one hour to reach the Sportpaleis on the busy busy Antwerp roads ! We stop there to rest and have food and drinks, then we just crossed the street to enter the Sportpaleis!

I got pretty shocked to see that we had to pay 0,40€ to use the batherooms, it is crazy, we pay for a concert ticket quite an amount, and we pay to pee.... glad I only needed to go once...BTW...

Again I got a front row on my favorite side of the stage, between Mike and Richard !

Tonight's show was very good ! But I can say that I missed the "french atmospeher". People here are kinda quiet if you compare to Paris shows!

Mark has again skipped "Speedway At Nazareth" **sigh**, but he was still in a very good mood very smiling. The great intercation between the band members is still at its top it's a pleasure to see them having fun !

01. Broken Bones

02. Corned Beef City

03. Privateering

04. Father And Son

05. Hillfarmers Blues

06. Kingdom Of Gold (With Ruth Moody)

07. Skydiver (With Ruth Moody)

08. I Used To Could (With Nigel Hitchcock)

09. Romeo And Juliet (With Nigel Hitchcock)

10. Sultans Of Swing (Standing Ovation)

11. Haul Away

12. Postcards From Paraguay

13. Marbletown

14. Telegraph Road

15. So Far Away

16. Wherever I Go (With Ruth Moody)

17. Going Home

Again it was a good show, even if at the very begining the sound was not that good in my opinion, but it got better quickly!

There was only one standing ovation for "SOS", so as I said Belgium is a quiet audience. I hope tomorrow's dutch audience would be warmer !

My last sentence would be to thank all the people involved of making this tour possible for me this year... Sharing room, car-pooling, Xmas presents etc... I won't mention anybody but people will reconize thelselves ;)