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Le Mans Classic 2006

7th, 9th, 9th July 2006

One of my best memories... I met Mark Knopfler again, almost 13 years ago

After a long and tiering trip I arrived in Le Mans to support and try to meet my giutar hero….

You should guess who…Mark Knopfler indeed!! Very early on Friday morning I went to the tickets office, to buy my dear tickets with which I could get in Mark’s paddock. After going round for a while admiring the wonderful old cars I discovered MK’s beautiful Austin Healey from 1954 N°36.

After a nice walk I decided to leave the paddock, and there I saw Mark on his red scooter! Oh Yes! That’s him for sure!!! Mark was in a hurry no time to catch him…

The time went… no Mark on the horizon he is quite… discrete…

It is just before going to bed that I finally met him! WOW I didn’t believe it anymore!

I nearly had all I wanted! An autograph on my Strat back’s cover, kisses and a sweet smile…

The night was short, cold and noisy… yeah 24 hours of races! Hard to fall asleep.

The day after in the afternoon, I had the chance to see him again… but he was surrounded by other fans and didn’t had time to make a photo with me, but to apologize himself he blowed me a kiss. So I left charmed.