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Meet And Greet Paris 2008

9th April 2008

Once again I got lucky to meet Mark Knopfler about 11 years ago

It's time for me to share with you my best evening ever!

I attended the gig in Paris Bercy , I was also invited to the Meet And Greet with Ingrid. We had some problems picking up the passes and then finding the access to the meet and greet because the security didn't know where it was. We were really nervous and stressed, we ran all around the Hall (with high heels for me, gloups!). But finally we met a very kind man who brought us to the M&G. I was scared that I would miss it because of the security...

We were around 17 people (but I think only 4 true fans) the others looked like business people. Danny came first and directly shook our hand, and Mark did the same. They played 3 songs all together and then Mark stopped to sign a few autographs and make pictures (while the others where still playing). As always it's a pleasure to meet him, but lots of emotion for me (I was shaking...).

He signed my Kill to get crimson's program and made a picture. After we saw Richard and Guy! So sweet men too!