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RTL2 Pop Rock Station

13th October 2005

Meeting the guitar hero again !! over 13 years ago

During one week the French Radio RTL 2 proposed a game to invite his auditors to assist at Mark Knopfler’s interview in its studio, on Wednesday 13th October. The game was during Pop rock station broadcast. The presenter asked a question about Mark’s career and we had to phone and give the right answer.

I first phoned on Monday someone answered me and asked me about my answer but as I was listening to the radio from my computer I was a few seconds late… so I didn’t yet know the question…and couldn’t reply ….. She said to me, “too bad try later” ... GRRRR

Tuesday I tried to install the radio in my room… (hard to find the station in this flat), I called and all the lines were busy impossible …pheww

Thursday … I had to manage to get someone on the phone... the answer phone said… all lines are busy try later all lines are busy try later… GRRRR

And I tried again and then a Miracle! Someone answered me! Then I could answer to “when Sailing to Philadelphia came out” Yayya 2000 !!!

WOOOW! Unbelievable but true! I won an access to see Mark for a mini concert, interview and meeting!! Mamamilllllla

Well it wasn’t really in the pocket, I had to convince my boss to let me go to Paris, but for once they have been kind.

Wednesday 13th October my heart was under pressure, I was SO excited ….The journey seemed so long! (Even if Lyon is only 2 hours by TGV from Paris).

There I joined Colette and we went to the RTL 2 Studios, 22 rue Bayard in the 8th.

In front of the studios there were already some people waiting for our beloved! But he was already inside the studios, because he had already played for another broadcast with a French Singer Bernard Lavillier (Funny to see him here, he is from my town).

While waiting to enter I spoke with some people of the French MK & Co mailing list.. nice to put a face to a name.

Finally we could access to Studio 22! 6th floor! 4 per 4 in the lift!Two Matrin and Co were on the stages … “Mark is gonna play acoustic” MMMM it smelt good.We were sitting on the second row, quite close!

The Presenter Francis Zégut arrived first to give us recommendations (no picture…. blablabla.)

9pm Pop rock station started (woow we are on radio!!) Francis Zégut introduced Mark Knopfler while he was arriving! Standing ovation for our Man!

Mark was there with us for the interview, I was really surprised how he really understands French well. And how funny he is!

The acoustic session, Mark and Luke played 4 tunes:

  • Song For Sonny Liston
  • Boom Like That
  • Back to Tupelo
  • Donegan’s Gone
  • That was one of the best moments in my life to see Mark playing so close to me! He is a God.

    The broadcast finished on a little interview from his fans… Hard to interest Mark, but he was sweet.The broadcast was ending, it went so quickly.

    Everybody gathered around Mark to get autographs, pictures, and give him presents. (Mark was overbooked but I could manage to get his attention few seconds.) I gave him my picture with him from Le Mans to sign (July 2003)!He remembered me!!! Yaya

    Great my picture has been signed and I missed one important thing THE KISSJ, I asked him if I could, he was spontaneous, and kissed me! I think some people were jealous (even some men).

    I was full of Happiness this evening!!

    I could take few pictures, but unfortunately the one with Mark and I did not come out Impossible to try again… Because they were leaving and Mister Crockford didn’t let our man stay longer with us “Sigh”.They all left in a luxury Mercedes Benz.

    I thought to myself Good bye Mark and see you in Lyon 5th April

    After that it was the worst moment of the day, I had to come back to school in Lyon … I had the blues!

    The days after were very bluesy too, but full of memories what a great evening I spent!

    Few days after, I got a very heavy E-mail with an attached video….But what is it?

    I started the video!! OMG ! That was Mark and me talking about taking the picture!! The pic didn’t work but I got a video!!! awsommmmme ! (Thanks to Nicolas and Jean Christophe).